Do you wish you could use the internet but don’t have a computer or smartphone?

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Maybe you need a bit of help getting online and knowing how to get the best out of your device?

Black Country Connected is an NHS-run programme that can lend you a Geobook laptop for three months, so that you can get online and:

  • Access healthcare information and appointments
  • Explore education and employment opportunities
  • Do your shopping or banking
  • Stay connected to others through social media and email

Our computer experts will give you the training you need to use the device and explore the internet. If you decide you want to learn more, we can give you details of free IT courses offered by colleges across the Black Country as well as online courses to help improve your digital skills.

If you get on well with your device during the loan period, you may be able to keep it. All we ask in return is that you answer some questions to help us understand people’s digital skills/usage better, so we can provide further opportunities in the future to assist people to engage with services/get online.

Want to find out more?

Call our programme lead Emma Sharman:

Free mobile phone data for people in need

Like a foodbank but for mobile data, the National Databank provides free SIM cards to help people get connected.

There are over 1,700 local community organisations giving out free mobile data across the UK you can visit to get free and friendly help.