Sick (fit) Notes

The NHS provides sickness certification only after seven continuous days of illness. If you need a sick note to cover this period of sickness you should complete a Self-Certification (SC2) form which is available from your employer or on the HMRC website.

Please contact the GP surgery as you normally would for a routine appointment as it may be necessary to arrange to discuss your request with a GP. You can also request a sick note online by completing an online form. We will respond when we are open.
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No. You do not need to see your GP again to be ‘signed back to work’.

We issue 2 types of sick note:

May Be Fit for Work

This is the standard type of sick note. It is completely flexible, allowing you time to remain off work and then to build up to your normal work routine.

Its purpose is to help you and your employer to sit down and have a supportive discussion so that you can agree a back-to-work plan which is agreeable to both of you. Please see the guidance to employers.

Not Fit for Work

This note is only issued under the most exceptional of circumstances where the patient cannot do any work whatsoever. For example, for the first few days only after a major operation or a life-threatening illness. Your doctor is professionally accountable for justifying usage of this category of fit note.

We typically only issue one of two of these types of note per year.

If you are having trouble with your employer, and they are not accepting your sick note issued by the GP, please direct them to the guidance on the Government website:

Getting the most out of the fit note: guidance for employers and line managers – GOV.UK (

Request a sick note online

Request a sick note online

You can request a sick note online by completing an online form

We will respond when we are open
Please see our contact page for contact numbers and opening hours

How to use the online form

  • Click on the “Contact us online” button
  • Select either admin or medical request
  • Confirm this is a non urgent request
  • Write the request to the practice, giving as much information as possible
  • Tell the practice how you want to be contacted
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